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La Roche Posay Serozinc | 150 ml spray

x £ 7,12
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<a href="" target="_blank">La Roche Posay</a>&nbsp;Serozinc:<br />- The product purifies and calm superficial irritations. It helps to cleanse gently and is usually used for skin irritation, rashes, shaving irritation, imperfections and impurities.&nbsp;<br />- Parents can now use this on rashes or baby's red bottoms after cleansing with a gentle soap. <br />- Irritated skin, burning wouds, shaved skin that feels hot and angry, skin with impurities will all be soothed and healed extra fast. Save up to 10% (£ 0,79) on the RRP £ 7,90)
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La Roche Posay Serozinc:
- The product purifies and calm superficial irritations. It helps to cleanse gently and is usually used for skin irritation, rashes, shaving irritation, imperfections and impurities. 
- Parents can now use this on rashes or baby's red bottoms after cleansing with a gentle soap.
- Irritated skin, burning wouds, shaved skin that feels hot and angry, skin with impurities will all be soothed and healed extra fast.


Skin irritations, shave and skin imperfection. Baby's bottom epidermal treatment (after cleansing with mild soap).


Apply multiple times a day and spray onto the skin from a 20 cm distance. Follow up with serums and cream of choice while the skin is still damp.


x £ 7,12
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Latest reviews

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Sandra
30 June 2015

This product is a fine spray. It absolutely leaves no large drops on your face. Whether it really helps against impurities, I can not say by now. I still have to wait.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Niek
22 June 2015

A super product! A fine soothing toner. My skin is in many different ways calmer since I use this spray. Also good to use over makeup as a refreshing spray during the day.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by J
5 June 2015

Nice to use, suitable for the sensitive skin. Nice refreshing, definitely after using the cleansing milk. Also suitable to use after shaving.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Megan
28 March 2015

Does what it says, love it! Use it twice a day as a toner after washing or using melicular water or just throughout the day as a spray. Leaves skin matte and reduces redness

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Ane
24 December 2014

Super product as it helps my redness to go away and calms the skin. The price is fair and the spray is nice to use.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Sudnikowicz Vasseur
26 November 2014

Good quality thermal water, but haven't notice special soothing effect. I use it mostly for my make-up brushes, which I make a bit wet before I apply the foundation. The bottle is a bit different than on the picture.

* * * * * 2/5   Reviewed by Nel
4 August 2014

This spray feels very refreshing but I haven't noticed a big effect on small infections from acne. Pleasant in summer but as a treatment I wouldn't recommend this.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Danielle
28 June 2014

A fine spray that cools my skin whenever I'm suffering from impurities. It seems to be calming impurities at the same time too. I use this spray after cleansing, when I have some irritations.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Julia
19 June 2014

Such a fun product, refreshed and calms the skin. A true anti itching action I can't vouch for yet but I use a lot of those products already.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Olivia
14 June 2014

Since 4 weeks I have small patches of redness in my face and this helped to get it away. I use it morning and night, spray it all over my face and neck. Even in summertime to cool down or after cleansing. But it's NOT a makeup setting spray. The spray isn't fine enough for that. You can use it as an aftersun.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by W.P
3 June 2014

No place to buy this in Germany, good to know I can purchase here. Good for oily skin. Better keep eyes and mouth closed when using, or eyes won't feel comfortable and it tastes funny.

* * * * * 3/5   Reviewed by Kerstin
30 April 2014

Very nice and cooling on the skin, it works. I'll get it again since you guys have fast delivery in germany.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Renee
15 April 2014

Love this stuff after reading caroline Hirons review of this ive used this since great for skin and even great on my daughters dry patches on skin. Good all rounder

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by llvr
11 April 2014

A great spray that completely refreshes the skin and clears it up. It's also good if you just spray it onto a cotton pas and then swipe it over the skin.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Leen
3 March 2014

A must have in my morning routine. The spray calms my skin and works on the sensitivity and redness.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Tracey
26 February 2014

I love Serozinc. It's managed to keep my skin hydrated and also more or less blemish free. I could not be without Serozinc in my cleansing regime now. I've given it 4 stars purely because of the time it takes to absorb into my skin. Otherwise it's a big thumbs up from me

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Yelena
24 February 2014

I love La Roche Posay Serozinc, it definitely helps to reduce aperiance of spots so my scin looks fresh and healthy. Thanks to Farmaline for great service and the best price in UK!

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Amy
19 February 2014

A brilliant product and a speedy delivery. This product is difficult to get in the UK so was very happy that shipping to the UK was available. Very happy with the service and will be ordering again really soon.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Emilie
5 February 2014

A very good product, refines my skin's texture and gives it that glow. My impurities have lessened a lot so I'm ecstatic.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Käthe
11 January 2014

Because of the spray cap this is a fine mist that helps to disinfect the skin. After 4 days with this my skin has imrpoved a lot. I'll get some more soon.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Yvonne
26 December 2013

This is a really good product I have been using it for spots and blemishes it dries them up very quickly and visibly reduces redness within minutes of applying.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by SH
21 December 2013

I ordered this spray against redness and skin irritation in my face. I do feel that it helps to soothe the skin. They should have put on the bottle how to use this spray.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Suzanne
3 December 2013

I use this spray directly after cleansing my skin because it feels dry then. The spray hydrates my skin and preps it for the next steps. Little to no scent.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Shakk
8 November 2013

I use this product after cleansing and toning, i speay it onto my face and let it absorb, this is great to keep skin clear and clear up irritation or spots. This is also great to speay over makeup to refresh your face throughour the day.

* * * * * 2/5   Reviewed by meiling
7 November 2013

this is a very good my skin a lot. it makes your skin conditions improved just 2 week used it :) it is also very good fur sensitive skin.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Agnes
5 November 2013

Super stuff to use as a toner for acne skin. Doesn't dry out the skin as it doesn't contain alcohol. I use it as a hydrating toner. Spray directly onto the skin but you lose a lot that way, just spray on a cotton bad.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Paulina
2 November 2013

My skin has acne, small clogged pores, blackheads and I got a sun allergy. Serozinc is a brilliant product for that! My skin has calmed down and no longer feels tight. It's hard to get Serozinc in Germancy but this has helped me a lot.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Jackie
22 October 2013

Lovely product; it helps keep my skin clear and hydrated. Will definitely repurchase. Excellent service from Farmaline too, good comms, speedy delivery.

* * * * * 3/5   Reviewed by Maggie
15 October 2013

Haven't seen any change to my skin at all using la Roche Posay serozinc. I will persevere using it after cleansing, before application of serum. Maybe it needs more time to see results.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by evemarie
19 September 2013

Nice product - laves skin feeling cool and calm. Purchased it to try to reduce the inflamation of rosacea - have not seen a huge improvement but have only been using for a few days. It has not irritated my skin or made my rosacea worse so I am very happy with it.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by BLK
27 August 2013

I use this as a toner and it is brilliant for soothing irritated skin and helping to heal spots. It is hydrating rather than drying and feels very refreshing. Service was excellent, I ordered on a Saturday evening and the parcel arrived on the following Wednesday. Will definitely order again.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by rula
26 August 2013

I'm stil testing this but my skin has improved already. Not greasy and you can see that impurities have lessened already. I can only recommend this! The only downside is the price.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Pamelad99
18 August 2013

Love this and really helps my skin. I like to spray my face and leave for a couple of minutes to allow it to sink in before continuing with moisturiser.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Joanne
15 August 2013

I have been using serozinc as part of my cleansing routine after cleansing I spray on the serozinc and it hydrates my skin without leaving any greasiness and it cools and calms my sensitive skin. A wonderful product which has greatly improved the texture and look of my skin. It is also perfect to use over make up on hot days to cool and hydrate my skin. A hero product.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Shanna
7 August 2013

I can't live without the Serozinc anymore. It's a staple in my routine now and has such fast delivery from Farmaline.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by M
6 August 2013

I use this spray as a tonic after cleansing my face. I spray it onto a cotton pad and then swipe it all over my face.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Natalie
6 July 2013

Really refreshing toner spray. It's also recommended by skin specialists. I use it after my normal toner. A great product for summer too. I will definitely be buying this again.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Cristina
23 June 2013

Absolutely LOVE this spray, I use it morning and night after cleansing and toning my face as it is hydrating and kills bacteria! would recommend this product.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Ana
20 June 2013

The serozinc is a super product that anyone can use. Just spray it onto the skin quickly and follow up with moisturizers.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Jules
19 June 2013

Fabulous! Cleansing and soothing without being drying. V good base to apply serums and creams onto. Surpassed expectations and would definitely repurchase.

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by A.
14 June 2013

A very fine spray! I have greasy skin and each time I spray this in the morning my skin is less greasy. My skin feels tighter after spraying so I do need a cream. I think people with dry skin won't really like this.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Lara
16 May 2013

I love this product...but can't get it in the uk after a lengthy search I found farmaline who shipped to the uk with brill prices on delivery and the service was brill constantly kept upto date with my order and it arrived really quick..will defo be using them again :)


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