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Locobase Repair | 100 g cream

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<div style="text-align: justify;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Locobase Repair</strong></span> is a high-tech cream that was specially developed for very dry &amp; sensitive skin. Loco Base Repair supports the ability of your skin optimal for fast regaining its strength and flexibility. With daily use Loco Base Repair willhelp your skin protect against irritation and itching. Loco Base Repair is adapted for the sensitive skin of babies, children and adults and is suitable for the whole body, especially for face and neck.</div>
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Locobase Repair is a high-tech cream that was specially developed for very dry & sensitive skin. Loco Base Repair supports the ability of your skin optimal for fast regaining its strength and flexibility. With daily use Loco Base Repair willhelp your skin protect against irritation and itching. Loco Base Repair is adapted for the sensitive skin of babies, children and adults and is suitable for the whole body, especially for face and neck.


Treatment of a dry to very dry skin, and is as wel effective in the short and long term.


Apply the rich and nourishing cream only once a day the face or the body. This is usually sufficient enough. If necessary, you can also apply the cream several times a day. It is recommended to gently massage the skin when applying the cream. Loco Base Repair may individually or as a complement be used with other skin care products or treatments.


Petrolatum, aqua, paraffin, paraffinum liquidum, glycerin, sorbitan oleate, carnauba, cholesterol, ceramide 3, oleic acid, palmitic acid, carbomer, tromethamine.
x £ 7,37
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Latest reviews

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Birgitte
19 May 2015

Hi Fantastic service. Really quick postage. I cant live without Locobase Repair I´m a musician and my hands gets very dry if i dont use Locobase every night Birgitte

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Andreia
31 March 2015

I bought this cream for my dry skin, special for areas as knees, elbows, hands and feet! It really smooths and calms my skin!! I really recommend it!!

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Lene
7 March 2015

The skin on my fingers flakes easily and often I get open schratches. I have tried about 20 different creams in order to be able to use my fingers when it's worst. And so far I found Locobase Repair to be the best.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Barbara
5 December 2014

I've been using this product for over 10 years. It's absolutely a MUST for eczema or dry skin and it keeps age spots away as its nice and thick I dont think the sun can penetrate :). It's not sold in the UK (which is weird) but thankfully I found Farmaline

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by K.K.
3 October 2014

I bought this cream for my son. He has dry skin and feels itchy. So this cream is very useful for dry skin. When I use it for him, his itch is suppression. This cream provide the effect for humidity keeping, protection and itch suppression of the skin, and also low in irritation and high in usefulness for dried skin accompanied with itch such as atopic dermatitis. I will probably buy it again.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by gowshi
30 September 2014

It is a good cream for atopic eczema and dryness. It helps to repair skin. My daughter has struggles with atopic ecsema. She is better than before.It's easy to order in farmline.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Marie
15 July 2014

This is the best cream in the world to use if you have VERY dry feet! Use once every night (and sleep with cotton socks on) the first two weeks, then continue the same routine but only about 3 times a week for a good result.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Simon
5 April 2014

It has excellent effects on dry skin, and I use whenever needed, and I can see the effects right away. I therefore strongly suggest others to try the product.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Kaithlyn
28 January 2014

I am satisfied with the product, price, service and delivery. Will definitely shop with Farmaline again. This product is good for super dry skin, eczema and as lip balm.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Gunnar
3 July 2013

Good, simple greasy cream. Contains all the natural fats from the skin. One of the few creams/ointments which contain ceremide (normally occurring in the skin.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by COOLEST
3 July 2013

This product was prescribed by my doctor to improve the recovery of my skin. It worked immediately and my skin was repaired. I bought 6 tubes at a time to repair every hard or dry spots. Also very good for children.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Lize
26 June 2013

I Have used the product for over 6 years every day. It is brilliant for ecsema and dry skin. I will never use any other product again. Thank you Farmaline.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Dorin
9 June 2013

The best relief for my atopic dermatitis. I tried several products and this one made a difference. If I use it every day the cicle of soft-dry-off skin is much longer and easier to deal with. Try it and use it constant, every day. You'll see.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Juliana
6 June 2013

This cream is one of the best products for those suffering from atopic dermatitis.It helps to reduce rash and itching very fast.Recommend it for every one!

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by nathalie
26 April 2013

Finally a cream which doesn't itch and doesn't flake. Much better than the product my dermatologist gave me. You haven't got a shiny face in contrast with other creams.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Joke
17 April 2013

It is the perfect cream for chapped feet and hands, dry skin, in fact for the entire body. We have already advised it to colleagues, family and friends. They really love it and will keep using the Locobase. Keep the cream like this and we hope that the formula won't change.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Noorsalwati
11 April 2013

It was recommended by my dermatologist for my son who has eczema. I find it very sticky, but not oily. And best of all, one tube can really go a long way.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Birgul
13 December 2012

A really good cream. I'm suffering from eczema and a dry skin and I must say that locobase is very good against a dry face. I'm very satisfied with ordering from Farmaline. My parcel always gets delivered within the correct delivery time.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Jane
25 October 2012

This in my opinion is a miricle cream! My husband has very dry, cracked and sore hands. He works in construction so the cement and weather cause them to flair up. We happened upon this cream on holidays and within just one hour of use hiss hands were vastly improved. He has used. Perscription creams and none of them have ever helped like this. His hands are soft and no longer pain him. It has also helped with my sons eczema when that flares.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Federico
29 August 2012

This is a very good cream for people with dry skin. My wife has been using this cream for some years. Now we move to spain and we can't find this cream in shops. So we searched it on the net and compare the prices with other sites. Here we found the best price. We bougth this cream for all the year and price is very good. The package arrived really in a short time. No doubt next year we will do the same.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Bjørn Bo
13 August 2012

This is the best cream for my 4½ year old grandchild ho has children eczema. She get a verry smooth skin and less itching when we use Locobase Repair creme. and compared to Denmark the price her is affortebel.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Myrna
31 July 2012

En mget god creme især hvis man har allergi, kan i lettere udbrud bruges istedet for hormon creme, som jo er meget skadelig for huden, og gør den tynd og sårbar. Jeg har brugt Locobase Repair igennen flere år, jeg bruger også Locobase fedtcreme, kan anbefales til tør hud.

* * * * * 5/5   Reviewed by Kathrine
1 June 2012

As a sufferer of eczema/psosiaris on my hands and palms, this is the only cream which can hydrate and calm my skin at the stage when it is dry, fractured and full of cuts and scabs. No other hand cream has been as good as this one for this purpose, and trust me I have tried many! I find the only two things I can control my eczema-rash and after-effects of eczema (very dry, irritated skin), is cortisone cream and Locobase Repair. Will definitely recommend this for sufferers of very dry, cracked skin!

* * * * * 4/5   Reviewed by Martin
27 December 2011

A useful product for very dry and itchy skin, especially in older people, best to be used immediatedly following a shower or a bath. The Locobase repair goes a long way and is money well spendt


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